Should You Buy 10K Instagram Followers? What’s The Catch?

10K Instagram followers is often considered a very serious milestone to achieve and a lot of users on this social media platform strive hard to get there. Whether you’re promoting a brand or want to build an audience to your personal account on Instagram, you’re even tempted to buy 10k Instagram followers. That’s actually about reaching that first tier which demonstrates you’ve got the potential to become an influencer in your field.

So, should you buy 10k followers on Instagram to do influencer marketing through this popular social media platform? Well, this can be a great way of getting the desired attention to your Instagram account but not all the time. Quite often, especially in business settings, buying Instagram followers may result in poor quality visitors directed to your account and eventually to the website. And, this can eventually lead to unintended consequences such as increased bounce rate, bad-fit leads, and visitors not spending enough time on your website pages. So, increasing your organic reach would, by far, be the best and the safest option to grow you’re following on Instagram.

With only 10.9% of accounts on Instagram getting there, you’d still be inclined to buy 10000 Instagram Followers and get things rolling. Fortunately, with a little caution, you can still buy from legit sources and see your followers count swell. Let’s explore in more detail.

Why Buy 10k Instagram Followers?

When visitors look at your Instagram account, they usually decide if they’d like to follow and engage with you depending on the followers you have. So, one major reason people want to buy Instagram followers is to build that trust factor to get others to follow you and engage with whatever you post there.

You’d be surprised to find out even the biggest names buy followers on Instagram. Be it celebrities, influencers, politicians, or brands, they’ve all paid at some point to bloat their followers column. On many occasions, that’s the secret recipe for them to become an authority figure within their little niche.

So, people get 10k Instagram followers because it is actually about perception – just take it as a kind of popularity contest. In fact, it could be a great idea if you’re just starting out and are looking to build your audience on one of the most popular and effective social platforms – Instagram. Just practice caution, and you can buy legit Instagram followers too.

How To Buy 10K Followers On Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few ways to make sure that you buy legit followers on Instagram to build your brand and increase your reach. Here are a top few of them.

Buy From A Reputable Supplier

Quite surprisingly, it’s not as simple these days to buy Instagram followers cheap 10k than what it used to be once. The reason things have changed is that Instagram started a crackdown on such practices in 2018 as they violated their terms of service. The crackdown was against bots, fake followers, and fraudulent third-party applications.

In addition to that, brands just don’t want to spend huge sums of money on buying fake Instagram followers. They just don’t like their marketing dollars to target the shell accounts and that’s why they have been demanding more accountability from the influencers.

So, you need to put in a lot of time researching so that you could be able to buy followers for your Instagram account from reputable sources only. It may not be as easy as one might think because you’ll have to deal with unnerving websites having dubious security, copy-editing, and logic. So, start looking as early as you could. Search for websites, read reviews, ask for recommendations, and do whatever you can to come up with a legit source to buy 10k Instagram followers.

Decide If You Want To Buy In Bulk Or Want A Gradual Followers Boost

As Instagram auditors often track any jags and spikes in the number of followers, it is always a good idea to pay for a gradual increase in your Instagram followers. This makes your follower’s growth rate less suspicious and it will look more organic. And, more than that, you should look for services that deliver all-real followers instead of fake ones or irrelevant ones.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

With Instagram getting rid of third-party apps already, buying Instagram followers has become more streamlined than ever. You don’t have to download any app and share your account info anymore.

It makes things a lot easier for those who still insist on buying followers on Instagram despite knowing that it’s against their terms of use and that Instagram is always monitoring user accounts that consort with those creepy third-party applications and can ban such accounts as well.

Of course, when you buy followers, you are violating the terms of service of Instagram regardless of the platform you use to buy them. Still, you can buy from platforms that gradually send organic followers to your Instagram account and not ruin it.

Pay For Real Followers Only

Sometimes, when you buy Instagram followers cheap 10k, your account might get flooded with fake followers or bot accounts. You must steer away from such services as they are good for nothing. Instead, you should look for legit sources that provide you with real followers, and if they’re specific to your niche, even better!

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically?

Even though you can buy 10k Instagram followers from legit sources, you can still continue your efforts to increase your followers organically. How to do that? Let’s find out!

Stay On Brand

It’s a fact that over-experimenting may disrupt your followers growth, especially when you go “off-brand” too often. Times come when you might get bored with your creative side and try to do something a bit different. Once you switch over, you’re likely to start losing your followers. You can only establish your solid brand with consistency. When your followers are there for some time, they’d expect specific stuff from you. They want something they’d be able to enjoy. While it is important to pepper in various new content types, you must not deviate once you have found your perfect niche unless you have worked out a better strategy.

Stay Active

You really need to be active on Instagram if you want to see your follower’s count go skyrocketing. You can like photos of others, comment on pictures, and regularly engage with their content. That’s a wonderful way of getting noticed on social media, particularly when your target audience follows those posts closely.

Remember, however, that being too active might cause Instagram’s algorithms to consider you a bot that is doing nothing but spamming. Many people do automated random commenting so that they could appear on the influencer channels along with their website URLs. However, these comments are deleted immediately as they are Sammy. So, you must stay active but you must be socially acceptable at the same time as well when interacting with others.

Do Not Follow For Follow

Yes, it can be tempting, but you must avoid it. When you see people with 10k followers and they’ve followed 15k people, it usually means that they do not usually share high-quality content. They just hit the follow button whenever they see one.

It takes patience and time to build a legit audience that engages with everything you share. If you do have a proper social strategy to boost your brand, you shouldn’t follow others just because they might follow you back. It’s not going to pay off well at the end of the day.

Be Real 

Whether you get 10k Instagram followers organically or you buy them, things quickly start feeling fake on this platform. So, instead of being afraid to feel authentic, you should share content that your audiences can easily relate to. You may be able to win people over by highlighting your business’ quirks. While you still have to curate things to a certain extent, posting third-party content, user-generated content, and even employee quotes can show your audiences the priorities of your brand. You can use the Instagram Stories tool for showcasing your brand’s culture and why it is unique. Try sharing video content if you’re comfortable with it.

Do Not Brag Too Much

It’s great if you have won an award and you should share the story definitely, but try not to make certifications, reviews, and accolades the only content you share on your Instagram account. Similarly, make sure that you do not spend most of your time telling people about your product/service or why it is so amazing. As a matter of fact, you should do that as little as possible. Your audiences don’t follow you just to take your promotions. So, serve them with content that they want instead of making things look too promotional.

Whether you buy 10k Instagram followers or you just win them organically, it’s a significant milestone you’d like to achieve to assume the role of an influencer on Instagram. Get 10k Instagram followers today and start rocking your marketing strategy!